The Airport In Abu Dhabi Has An Irish Bar

Doesn’t look very authentic though.

Happy Birthday Ralph Waldo Emerson


‘Thuvia, Maid Of Mars’

We’ve revisited Edgar Rice Burroughs Mars (also known as Barsoom).

This time, John Carter’s son, Carthoris, who inherited some, but not all of his father’s super strength (on low gravity Mars, at least) and most of his chivalry and fencing skills, is the hero.

Personally, I kind of miss John Carter, but what can you do?

So anyway… new sword fights, new allies, new enemies, new Martian/Barsoomian races, and, mercifully, few of Burroughs racial prejudices to jar you out of the story.

Oh, and, in case, you weren’t sure, Carthoris does win the love of the titular Thuvia (who is actually a princess, but Burroughs already wrote a book called A Princess of Mars).


David Brooks Is The Thomas Kinkade Of Columnists

I just read his latest column. I couldn’t make myself finish it. Somehow he segued from how the haters be criticizing his work (‘David, your facts are all wrong, ‘David, that’s a totally ridiculous analogy,’ ‘David, you’re an arrogant, stupid ass’) to something about people being beheaded. I couldn’t even read far enough to see how he made this leap. But I feel certain it is stupid.


Happy Birthday, Tolkien!


How I, As A Political Consultant, View Election Day