Weekend Reading – No Water? No Problem!

How gay authors changed America.

How to build a waterfront park without a waterfront.

Leo Strauss was very, very wrong.

You’re just asking of trouble.

Midweek Staff Meeting – Unplanned Obsolescence

I certainly hope not!

How to define the San Francisco Renaissance.

Taking the Unabomber’s philosophy seriously (but also with heaping bucketful of salt).

Tuesday Morning Staff Meeting – Transportation Issues

I actually used to use the L.A. Metro a good deal when I lived in Hollywood.

And I still ride the Chinatown bus.

And now I want to visit Istanbul.

Little Tokyo Is (Was?) Awesome

I loved visiting Little Tokyo when I lived in Los Angeles, so I hope it keeps something of its character. Though what does it mean when a caucasian of mostly English descent wants to save the character of an ethnic neighborhood? There’s a stench of paternalism about it.

This article, Save Little Tokyo, is a reminder that Los Angeles is a great big Jackson Pollock painting, with each streak and drip being a unique little neighborhood (though some more desirable to live in than others).

There was a restaurant in Little Tokyo called Haru Ulala that opened at five pm and catered to the after work crowd with tall bottles of beer poured into little glasses and servings of grilled and fried seafood and vegetables.

A little store, with the sort of random goods you’d expect from a Dollar Tree, but which always had these strange little notebooks – composition books for tests, actually, with poorly translated phrases on the front (‘THIS NOTEBOOK IS THE BEST QUALITY FOR WRITING SENTENCES’).

And, of course, the toy store with classic Godzilla movies and toys, Great Mazer action figures. Everything a man-child could want.

Weekend Reading – The Bonds Of Poetry

What are the social bonds of poetics?

Bill Mohr chronicles West Coast poetry after WWII.

IKEA gets creepy.

Tuesday Morning Staff Meeting – The Big Sort Actually Pretty Small

Republicans and Democrats aren’t actually moving to different neighborhoods.

The ‘uninsured belt.’

I remember some of these apartments well from my Hollywood days.

Midweek Staff Meeting – We Still Miss Adrienne Rich

I never knew much about her social activism. I knew she was a social activist, but I only followed her actions in that realm in a cursory fashion. But you only had to read her poetry to see she was deeply committed to the hope of just society and to remembering the failings of one that was still unjust.

Postscript: Adrienne Rich 1929-2012

A Poet of Unswerving Vision at the Forefront of Feminism

Poet and Pioneer

In Remembrance, Adrienne Rich

Adrienne Rich: Moral Compass

The Will to Change

Sunday Book Review – Sidewalk Booksellers

Poetry reviews from the Los Angeles Review of Books.

Stop that bookseller!

Henry David Thoreau helps to analyze climate change.

If you were a Paris Review contributor, what would you read?

Belated Happy Birthday To Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Yesterday was Ferlinghetti’s 93rd birthday. If you were a teenager in America and you didn’t read A Coney Island of the Mind then I have to ask, what’s wrong with you?

And if you’re ever in San Francisco, you need to check out his iconic bookstore, City Lights.

Monday Morning Staff Meeting – Live Small

Teeny, tiny apartments (makes me think of the opening scene from An American in Paris).

‘Quants.’ Sounds like an insult, but actually it’s not.

The perils of hypergraphia.