Past time, in fact. Even if the USMNT does well at the Copa America, because, whatever is accomplished will have been accomplished in the absence of a game plan.

He has failed to settle on a basic blueprint for how his teams line and how they will play. A commentator once said that the Brazilian center back, David Luiz, played like a ten year old on a Playstation. That’s how Klinsmann coaches. Who, I ask you, dear reader, is our preferred (in practice) center back pairing? Of our most commonly played midfielders – Michael Bradley, Jermaine Jones, and Alejandro Bedoya – where will they line up? For that matter, where will our best outfield player – Fabian Johnson – line up, if at all?

He hasn’t contributed towards any kind of culture within the national team set up. Over five years, his only real success in bringing a younger player through is Jordan Morris (and then inexplicably left him out of the Copa squad; he was instrumental in creating the Gonzalez/Besler partnership and helping nurture Gonzalez, but has since left him out in the cold; Pulisic was discovered and nurtured by Borussia Dortmund), and I fear he’s going to screw that up.

When teams under previous coaches, like Bob Bradley, gutted out wins, it was because they had been instilled with a hard working, never say die ethos. When it happened at the last World Cup, it felt like the players were doing it themselves, rather than responding to anything Klinsmann had instilled.

It would be a terrible idea to replace him during a tournament, but for God’s sake, Sunil, when the Copa is over, find someone and fast!

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