Having just re-begun reading The Cantos, it was appropriate that I came across a reference to the form of his masterwork that pulled me up sharply and made me take notice:

The intertextual reference to Fray Durán, alongside the phrasal fragments and use of colons to separate images, takes a Poundian form, that of the Cantos Pound — the poetry coheres through a series of disjunctive sutures — demonstrating what Perloff means by her question about taking up the experimentation of the early twentieth century. This is an ideogrammic method applied to Mesoamerican mythology. The poem is crammed with vagueness, and its strokes lend only the slightest impression of its context.

That’s from an article in Jacket2 about avant-garde Latino poetry. It made me think about my struggled with Pound and whether the remark about cohering through ‘a series of disjunctive sutures’ could be a skeleton key of sorts? And the pit about Marjorie Perloff’s remark reminded me of how important Pound’s experimentation was to the younger me and how eternally relevant high modernism remains.

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